Melissa Messer

Thank you for reading about my experience as a student in a classical drawing and painting atelier.

I began this blog a week before entering the Aristides Atelier in September 2014.

Before studying art I worked as a writer and commercial art director.

As an art director I learned to design and met some of my dearest teachers, collaborators and friends. 

But always there has been a quieter more feverish need to make art. Specifically, to paint. With that, a longing for the skills to do so and a fear of taking the plunge. One day I woke up and that fear had been replaced by a sense that I needed to act right away. That I had spent enough time doing other things and now it was time to begin this lifelong pursuit. For many reasons I’m glad that I’m starting exactly now. I’ve had little formal training and am excited to enter the atelier tabula rasa to soak up all that I can.

This blog is my way of making sure I record this experience, retain perspective when it becomes challenging and have proof of it when it becomes a whirlwind.


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